(of food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients.

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Sourced From The Heart

Juliet Harris

The real food Factory was created with a conscious commitment to our local community.


At the very heart of our operation are our small scale farmers, artisanal growers and local producers from which we source all our organic raw ingredients. We take time in cultivating a personal relationship with each and every farmer we source our ingredients from, so we know how it was grown, and how it will benefit you. We believe in nurturing these important relationships with our community producers because their spirit feeds our passion.


We are slow food philosophers. We believe in 'quality before quantity'.


 All of our artisanal products are handcrafted, produced in small batches, improving both the nutritional value and the flavor of our produce with little waste and no mechanization. We are committed to using recyclable and compostable packaging across our ranges for true peace of mind.


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Unit 9, Spruwing  Park, Capricorn Drive, Muizenberg 

Cape Town  - South Africa

+27 (0) 21 709 0757

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 Accounts : accounts@realfoodfactory.co.za

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